Anonymous content platform

Whistleblower content

Currently, whistleblowers can rely on platforms which use anonymising networks to allow submission of sensitive information (the leaked content cannot easily be traced back to the content provider). In order to use the network, the whistleblower needs to download software (i.e. browser) and access services, so some basic technical skill is required, and UX is not well-evolved.

UX issues aside, once the information has been submitted, it needs to be distributed. For whistleblowers, platforms exist which allow for distribution of anonymously leaked content.

Gawker-type content

Gawker is a highly publicized and well-read gossip publication currently being sued by multiple plaintiffs, related to published articles associated with the plaintiffs. A recent lawsuit in particular, by Hulk Hogan, has gained notoriety due to Hogan’s financial backing by Peter Thiel and Thiel’s potential motive for revenge. The costs of defending the suit may put Gawker at risk of insolvency.

Anonymous platform?

Although there are options for whistleblowers, do similar widely-used options exist for anonymous submission and distribution of ‘less serious’ content? For example an anonymous content platform for news, rumors, anonymous memoirs, etc.?

Since these ‘less serious’ users may intend to produce content with the purpose of receiving payment, could payment mechanisms be created such that these users could be paid immediately and near-anonymously based on pre-existing terms (i.e. number of views, clicks, etc.)?

Could a better user experience be created for the providers, which allows for management of submission, distribution, and incoming payments?

Would a front-end need to exist, or could existing distribution platforms be leveraged once the content had been anonymously ingested?


Tor – Tor / Onion Services allows for the near-anonymous submission of content, such that the content provider has limited vulnerability with regards to being identified

Ethereum – Ethereum is a blockchain platform that enables execution of smart contracts using ether, a cryptocurrency.

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